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Students cannot learn if they do not have safe transportation to school. School bus drivers are essential to the success of our community. Bus drivers fill a critical need and find their position to be a professionally rewarding experience.

  • To become fully licensed, new bus drivers are required to attend an 8-hour training course.
  • Pre-register for this course with the Regional Office of Education ($10.00 fee required).
  • You must be currently employed by a bus company or school district.

For those already licensed, we thank you for your service to our students and community by driving our greatest community resource, our students, to and from school each day. To continue your service as a licensed school bus driver, you will need to participate in a state approved refresher course.

Click here to schedule your drivers for either of the required training courses.

If you are new to the ROE 4 registration system, please visit this link for step-by-step registration instructions for school bus driver training courses.

If you have questions about becoming a bus driver or maintaining your license, please contact our office by calling 815-636-3060.

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