Student Support Services

Promoting quality education, leadership, and support for the Districts of Boone and Winnebago Counties


The Illinois School Code states that children between the ages of 7 and 17 must attend school. The Regional Superintendent is the Truant Officer for the Boone-Winnebago Region, and office personnel work with the schools and other agencies to help the parents resolve issues related to truancy in order to avoid having to appear to court. However, if that route is not successful, the Regional office represents the truant student/family in court to determine another plan to solve the truancy problem.

For information, contact: Meghan Hawkinson

Homeless Student Support

McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Program

Serving Families in Transition and Unaccompanied Youth

The program provides educational support for students identified as homeless. The program serves the counties of Boone and Winnebago

  • Ensuring that all school districts in the 2 counties have an identified Homeless Education Liaison who has been trained on the subject and is registered by ISBE as a liaison

  • Provide professional development for liaisons, school personnel, communities and all other interested parties

  • Assist in identifying homeless students

  • Provide school supplies to students who are identified as homeless

  • Remove barriers to school success

  • Advocate for the rights of homeless students

  • Provide information and opportunities to educational and community partners to assist in meeting the needs of homeless students

  • Assist in emergency transportation of students

  • Answer questions and provide support to schools who have students identified as homeless

Who Are Homeless Children

Rights of Homeless Children

Rights of Homeless Children (Spanish)

16 Services

16 Services (Spanish)

Homeless Liaison

If you have questions please contact Meghan Hawkinson at 815-636-3060