GED Information and Transcript Requests

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There are many educationally mature persons who, for one reason or another, withdrew from school or were unable to complete formal high school graduation requirements, and as a result, have not been able to establish satisfactorily or document their level of educational achievement.

The GED program provides applicants the opportunity to secure an evaluation of the educational maturity and/or competence, which may prove valuable in securing employment, job promotion, admission to college, or for reasons of personal satisfaction.

The ROE administers the GED test and issues the Illinois State High School Equivalency Certificate. Applicants must be 17 years of age or older, a resident of the state, and show proof of eligibility. For more information on GED testing click here or contact Stephanie Putzstuck at (815) 636-3060

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GED Classes

Preparation courses for taking the GED tests are not required but recommended.

Schools offering GED courses are:

  • Rock Valley College: 815-921-2001
  • Roosevelt Community Education Center: 815-966-3251
  • STAR Boone: 815-547-8080
  • STAR Winnebago: 815-227-8495
  • Elevate: 815-921-2255


GED Testing:


Now offering the US and IL Constitution Class and Test

The Boone-Winnebago Regional Office of Education is offering Constitution Test Review classes for completion of the GED testing requirement. These classes are expected to last 2 ½ hours and will conclude with the participants taking a test to complete that portion of the GED requirement.

Additional testing dates can be added based upon need. Participants need to have a state issued ID to enter the room for the class and test. To register for the class and test, or request a class to be formed at a different time, please contact Stephanie Putzstuck at 815-636-3060. Seating is limited and will be given on a first call first registered basis.

Constitution Dates