Registration, Renewal & Reinstatement

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To be valid for employment all licenses must be registere​d in at least one region.

  • $10 Per Year​​
  • Additional regions may be added at no cost​


  1. When your license is first issued - your license is not valid until it is registered.
  2. When you complete your renewal cycle and enter your professional development. This will occur every 5 years for most licenses. Make sure you are aware of your validity period as it is the license holder’s responsibility to maintain their license properly.


  1. Log into your ELIS account.
  2. License Registration Procedures
  3. Select the registration tab and follow the prompts to pay your fee online.

An individual is required to register his or her license in each region where he or she teaches or in any county of the State, if the individual is not yet employed, but is required to pay a registration fee in only one region. Therefore, an individual who moves from one region to another after paying a registration fee for a particular period of time:

  1. will be required to register his or her license in the new region; but
  2. will not be required to pay any additional registration fee.

When a registration fee is paid, the amount due shall be the amount required to register the license for its entire period of validity.

Please refer to Section 25.400 of the Illinois Administrative Code for more information.​​​​​​​​​​

License Registration

How to Register Your PEL in ELIS


Anyone whose license expires on June 30, 2019 can renew starting April 1st.

If you have an administrative endorsement, but have not been employed as an administrator, you are not required to have an administrator’s academy for this renewal cycle.

You will need an academy the next time you renew.

If you renew this year, any professional development that you complete after you renew and before July 1st must be entered using a date within the next renewal cycle for ELIS to accept it.

PLEASE NOTE: ELIS automatically sends an email to educators when their licenses are due to be renewed and registered. It is imperative that educators maintain a valid working email address in their ELIS profile.

Before you renew your license be sure your Professional Developement/Employment status is correct in your ELIS account. Watch the following video for instructions on updating your status-

Next, watch this video on how to renew your license-

License Renewal Chart

Approved Provider List

How to Record Professional Development Hours

License Renewal Procedures



If your educator license has lapsed because you have not completed the required professional development and/or Administrators’ Academy courses, you must complete any deficient professional development, enter the activities in ELIS, and submit your PD before you may reinstate your license.

Once you have satisfied the professional development requirements, you may choose one of the two

following options:

  1. Complete nine semester hours of coursework in one or more of the endorsement areas listed on your license. Coursework must be completed within the last five fiscal years. View acceptable courses you may complete for reinstatement below.
  2. Pay a $500 penalty fee in place of completing nine semester hours of coursework.

How to Apply for Reinstatement

Reinstatement Information