Evaluator Retraining

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Evaluators who have taken the initial evaluator training (Growth Through Learning Modules or district developed) must complete retraining “once within the next renewal cycle”(105 ILCS 5/24A-3)). Please note that retraining is connected to the renewal cycle of the license (PEL).

Retraining will be offered through the Administrator’s Academies. Retraining through the Administrator Academy structure will allow for the inclusion of teachers who have successfully completed initial evaluator training, but do not hold an administrator endorsement on their PEL. Two academies are required to meet the retraining requirement. One will address teacher practice, and, the other will address student growth. The academies neither need to be taken in any particular order, nor do they have to be taken together.

Required Evaluator Retraining Academies

Timelines for Evaluator Retraining