Educator Licensure

Promoting quality education, leadership, and support for the Districts of Boone-Winnebago Counties

Illinois State Law requires all employed educators to maintain valid/registered Licenses and meet all qualifications in administrative and instructional areas.

The ROE provides the following services for licensed educators:

  • Assistance with applications for approvals and endorsements, Registration, renewal, and updating of licenses
  • Information on required Professional Development
  • Maintenance of Substitute and teacher vacancy lists

For information, contact:

Jamie Watts or Stephanie Putzstuck.


CURRENT ISBE TIMELINES (as of March 5, 2018):

  • Evaluation of PEL Applications: 10 weeks
  • Evaluation of Substitute Applications: 4 weeks
  • Evaluation of Paraprofessional Applications: 6 weeks
  • Opening & processing new mail and transcripts: 2 weeks
  • Uploading emailed transcripts, documents and forms: 2 weeks
  • Processing Refunds: 2 weeks (+ an additional 10 business days for the reversal to appear on your credit card)